Vocal & Songwriting Workshops

Vocal Training Workshops

Vocal Training workshops with Aarksara incorporate a vast variety of fun and innovative singing exercises.

Participants will learn vocal foundations such as breathing techniques, voice projection, diction, vocal dynamics, vocal harmonies, vocal tones & timbres, vocal health, vocal warm-ups & warm downs and many more!

There will be individual and group work incorporated into these vocal training sessions. Participants will have opportunities to explore singing in various genres.

These vocal training sessions are a great way to learn and improve your singing proficiencies.

Songwriting Workshops

Songwriting  workshops with Aarksara will cover:

- Foundations of Songwriting

-Common Chords & Patterns
- Finding Melodies/Body of Song - Lyric writing
- And much more!

Participants will be equipped to write well-structured and impactful songs. There will be both individual as well as group work in these sessions. These songwriting sessions are a fantastic opportunity to learn how to professionally write and create memorable songs!

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