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  • "Holiness Is Consistency"

    Hi Friends!

    It’s been a while- life is incredibly full as always; but God is so faithful, so kind and beyond generous to me. I’ve been travelling frequently for ministry and have been vocal coaching clients, song writing for new projects and organising a Vocal Summit in November 2017 (which will take place in two cities!). All very exciting! I’m thankful. Thank you also for your continuous support and prayers.

    I recently listened to Ps Judah Smith’s message where he shared on the thought of ‘Holiness Is Consistency’. This profound thought struck a chord in me- if we want to be more like Jesus, we should be more consistent. Over the years I’ve met many different people, those in the corporate world, people in ministry, people in the entertainment industry- you name it. Something I’ve noticed is that many people struggle at being consistent in their relationships (with each other). I myself have struggled at times to keep up with friends and family. I understand that we all live very ‘busy lives’, but after hearing this thought from Ps Judah, it confirmed my thoughts on being consistent with relationships- just like how we should be with Jesus.

    I’ve found that as I go out about my day- I always feel like the Holy Spirit prompts me to text or call specific people- sometimes I haven’t heard or seen them in months, but I’ve learnt to just be obedient. Often, the person on the receiving end would open up and share with me how they’re really doing/what they are going through. You never know when just a simple text or a short phone call could make a person realise how loved and cared for they are by our Heavenly Father.

    My prayer is that we never get too busy and caught up in the race of life. May we pause at times and never be too occupied to show and express the love of Christ to the people in our lives or even those we have brief encounters with at the supermarket. May we always walk towards living a life of consistency. If I want to be more like Jesus everyday, then I also need  to be more and more consistent in every aspect of my life.

    God bless you!

    Aarksara :)