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  • Love Much. Love Well.

    Hello Everyone!

    Recently, I feel God has been teaching me more and more about being immersed in His love. And, as a result of being completely immersed and soaked in His love, to be a releaser of His love in every season. The past few months have been packed-out but amazing : travelling for ministry, conducting vocal workshops, vocal coaching private and corporate clients, partnering with amazing song-writing studio projects and vocal production. God is always so faithful. I’m continuously in awe of His plans for my life, surprising yet fulfilling.

    I’ve walked through seasons of great loss but also triumphant victories. Through it all, I’ve learnt what it truly means to be immersed in His love. His love is like a covering, a safety blanket that shields us in times of trouble and in times of greatness. I was reading Philippians 1:9-11 in the Message translation and the statement “love much but well” stood out to me. What does it mean to love? Furthermore, what does it mean to love much but well?

    1 Corinthians 13 in the Message translation states what Love is:

    Love never gives up

    Love cares more for others than for self

    Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have

    Love doesn’t strut

    Doesn’t have a swelled head

    Doesn’t force itself on others

    Isn’t always me ‘first’

    Doesn’t fly off the handle

    Doesn’t keep score of the sins of others

    Doesn’t revel when others grovel

    Takes pleasure in the flowering of truth

    Puts up with anything

    Trusts God always

    Always looks for the best

    Never looks back

    But keeps going to the end

    Love never dies

    What I’ve gathered is that, whether we’re walking through a season of loss or a season of victory, I believe as children of God we can love much and love well-- irrespective of our circumstances. Even when we’re hurting, we can still care more for others than for ourselves, we can still always look for the best in others.

    My prayer for you who are reading this, and for myself, is that we will continue to learn and live a life that loves much and loves well. It might not be easy all the time, but I encourage all of us to ask God… “Help me to love like You, help me to love people even when I’m hurting, help me to love much and love well.”

    God bless you guys! Till next time!

    Aarksara : )