Made It Through is the debut album of Thailand-based worship leader Aarksara (pronounced ark-sah-rah). A vibrant, young and upcoming singer-songwriter, she grew up in Perth, Australia, singing in church from the age of 8 and has always had a heart to reach out to people and display the love of Christ through her music.  As a worshipper & worship leader, her passion is to declare who God is through her songs & to lead others to enjoy the reality of knowing that He is near, in Spirit and in Truth, no matter what they may be going through in life. In this album, we are reminded that God loves us, that He is near & never lets us down. Writing from her life’s experiences, Aarksara combines the unique voice God has given her with her passion for worship to bring character and individuality to her music. Her melodic vocals proclaim God’s love and faithfulness, allowing listeners to reflect on the beauty of our Creator.

Born  in Singapore and raised and educated in Australia , Aarksara’s dream is to touch her nation and the nations of this world with her anointed, Holy Spirit-inspired music.  Drawing from her unique  Singapore/Thai heritage & her experience living in different countries including the United States and Canada, she hopes to inspire believers all over the world with her songs that transcend cultural differences and barriers, and focus on a God that created us different and has woven us all into this beautiful yet complex tapestry of human life – and united in and through worship of Him.

With internationally acclaimed music producers including Grammy-nominated and Dove Award winning producer Rusty Varenkamp and also Colin Mills from Closet Audio Productions, Made it Through combines evocative worship tunes (Trusting in You, Only You) with resonant ballads (Crown of Beauty) and buoyant praise songs (Made It Through, Transformed by Your Grace) to provide a wholesome and edifying worship experience. Aarksara’s unique background allows her to connect across cultures ( You Are Great ).  In Walking In Freedom, God has given her a heartfelt message of hope and victory, a declaration of triumph captures the album’s dulcet yet powerful nature.

After travelling to Europe, USA, Canada and Asia, Aarksara came home to Perth inspired with a greater sense of purpose in worship ministry. With strengthened determination, she is ready to move forward and touch many more lives with her music. Despite completing her studies and learning much from her experience at a local university, Aarksara was determined  to follow her dreams: to reach and impact others beyond the confines of her local church, beyond her city and beyond her own nation, with the songs God has put in her heart.

Aarksara was born with a passion to sing and to worship and it is her greatest desire to draw believers together to God through worshipping Him. And this is what has been birthed with Made It Through, the culmination of a dream that has been burning for many years in her heart, to empower others to encounter God and to know the reality of His presence and be strengthened in Him at all times and through all their life’s experiences.